Raphael (quantumlove) wrote,

what about love?

we are a wierd species...i was noticing lately how we play this very strange game...we hate
when someone or something is possessive of us and yet we also want someone to possess us...
we never seem to find the point where we are just happy...yet true happiness and completion are found
within and true joy comes from giving...it seems reasonable to me...to give you must have it to
give it...and if you dont have it...you never will...how can you "GET" something from outside yourself?

there is a place that you can reach where you no longer blame anyone for how you feel but see instead that
all power is in your mind and you have all the love in the universe to offer under all circumstances...

you are no longer dodging bullets....because there is no need! but alas, everyone is afraid to wake up from the matrix.....

love is true and eternal :)
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