Raphael (quantumlove) wrote,

and then some...

what a great day...well.week...our band the quantum band has been recording our demo cd and it just keeps expanding. right now we have about 18 songs and they are all like 5-10 minutes long so its like a triple cd and wow , they are really great songs so we are jazzed...getting ready to go to Colombia (Bogota) in 2 weeks (pheonixfire dont tell mom!)to teach the Course In Miracles and Quantum Healing. We will be there for 3-4 weeks. It looks to be exciting. The people there are very open minded and are culturally used to the idea of people having spiritual experiences so this will be a fun trip.

I am really happy. It is amazing because it is scientifically proven that humans use a mere 3% of their brain! (really!) and of course most of that 3% is used for dealing with fear. Imagine what would happen if we used all of our capacity...it is an interestind idea that the world and reality you see is what you see using only 3% and if you begin to use more, it would be incredibly to experience what is really there.
If you consider the things that have been done like sending astronauts into space, and some of the incredible masterpieces of man, image what is really possible. The species, human kind is at an evolutionary point or leap into a new state of being which is pure mind and the current situation in the world and the wars and consternation are but the birthing process that is happening in this celestial/cellular speedup.

Its amazing but read this in any quantum book or the course in miracles or the bible, but there is no such thing as distance in the universe....its how photons travel, how the holy spirit works, how time travel happens, and how your mind thinks (holographic)
and amazingly, its all love!
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