Raphael (quantumlove) wrote,

quantum weekend

this has been a big quantum weekend....me and john are teaching a teachers training class on how to teach quantum healing and awakening...had class friday night, saturday afternoon, and today in the afternoon....it has been just awesome...quantum is impossible to teach and yet it is a totally reasonable science that shows us that we are infinitely more than we ever dared to dream and accept and that the world, this thing we call "life on earth" is not what "life" is, that there is actually something much greater out there that we really are, and it is only the mistaken idea of termination or death that must be seen through or awakened through.

can you imagine what it would be like, of what you would be like if you had no fear?
one of the amazing things is to discover that we are time traveling all the time and didnt realize it....everyone is...and we are surrounded by the love of God and just forgot for a moment our real location....
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