Raphael (quantumlove) wrote,

out of time day

this has been a really great week...monday went to help a friend get some furniture from storage. went to visit his old town where he grew up and then where he lived after and it was really cool. I could feel his presence in the trees and in the buildings and energy imprints where he had walked...i could feel the places where he was sad and where he laughed and his frequency on the people he had met...somehow it was overwhelming and came together in this idea that everything that had ever happened had led us to being here where we are now and if one thing were different, we would have never met....funny how love works that way....

there is always more going on than we think...

it took a day to recover from that trip and now today i am back to regular...i am happy...had a big issue to forgive but wow...it feels great to go into the place that hurts and really let it smart and sting and make you numb and to pray for healing and somewhere inthere the unhappiness begins to warm up and heal...and later its as if it never happend...and you feel a strong vibration of love...it says in the course in miracles: the most holiest of spots on earth is where an ancient hatred has become a present love....

cool....well, fucking cool!
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