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You Are The Universe-Yes REALLY!

ready for an out of time experience?

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I am not from around here....meaning this galaxy and this spacetime...never belived that life was the small place between being born and dying trapped on a spinning mudball in space...always believed in eternal love...had an awakening that started when i was 19 and now I Remember. Actually, when I read "A Wrinkle In Time" by Madelind L'Engle in 4th grad, I begin to remember. I have just stopped by this continuum for a moment. I travel around the world teaching enlightenment, a course in miracles, and quantum awakening and healing. I love computers, design and music and traveling faster than the speed of light! c'mon guys the power of our minds is infinite! any of you who are bored with the narrow human range of existence and all the related consternations, please contact me. theres a whole happy infinite universe out there and it's YOU. :)