Raphael (quantumlove) wrote,

Today is the day...

or something like that...i was seeing today how time and change really have nothing to do with eachother...any real change occurs in but a single instant...and any stuggle with change is but the avoidance of the moment when it occurs...in fact...any change actually has no precedent at all...there is nothing before it and after it...it is a completely unique moment where you are suddenly different entirely...isnt that interesting? you change entirely for no reason...and then how can you really tell the difference?

this may sound off the wall but hell, we really are free to be everything in the universe...the only problem is how does this help you practically speaking? you can now act from the love that you find within yourself under all circumstances because there is no such thing as contingency....

sorry if im too out there today...life on earth is too slow...:)
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